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meet the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration: Type A - transport of valuables above 24 calculation units, Type B - transport of valuables from 8 up to 24 calculation units, Type C - transport of valuables from 1 up to 8 calculation units. Each completed order, apart from formal aspects, takes into consideration the needs of users, therefore it is preceded by the work of qualified team that in the end develops a safe, technologically advanced and user-friendly product.


A fashion for this type of travelling in Poland has just begun. We can create a camping product depending on the needs of the situation and the user. Offered solutions: 1/ campervan - based on MB, VW - offer addressed to the user who wants to own an additional car that makes planning of a trip super simple - just pick a direction and go! 2/ universal camper cabin with equipment - cabin is adapted to be mounted on a pick-up car. It is a perfect solution for all who want to feel independent and plan a holiday or weekend trip while at the same time use the car comfortably all year round. For people who like expeditions off-road and in harsh conditions. 3/ universal camper cabin without equipment - cabin is adapted to be mounted on a pick-up car. In this case you can have fun and equip the cabin however you wish. 4/ camper furnishings - set of furniture you can mount in a car that stands in your garage. You can give it a second life for little money.Camper is a great way to travel cheap and comfortable. A well-chosen camping car makes every trip a pleasant experience. When choosing the best camper for yourself, consider your needs and the number of users. The better the car is tailored to the individual needs of the user, the greater the comfort during travel.


We produce specialized containers ‘IP Cash Box’ for transporting valuables, in resistance classes D and E. The containers are certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics.


We make i.a. lining of the floor or walls surface to protect against damage and to ensure comfort of use. We offer a comprehensive service, from design to production of an individually adapted cargo compartment conversion. We use only high quality materials and we pay special attention to the production quality.